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Company Introduction Qingdao Sunrise Intelligent Manufacturing Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a forward-thinking enterprise that specializes in the field of energy technology. Established in 2014, we are dedicated to the mission of "Smart Manufacturing for a Greener Tomorrow," continuously exploring and leading the forefront of energy technology to contribute to sustainable development and environmental conservation. Core Values Our core values are centered around innovation, sustainability, and green energy. We firmly believe that the integration of technology and intelligence can drive advancements in the energy sector and create a brighter future for the world. Business Domains Sunrise Intelligent Manufacturing focuses on a variety of energy domains, including but not limited to solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, renewable energy technologies, and intelligent energy management systems. Besides, we also provide outdoor products to the partner all of the world, such as fishing tackles and paddle boards etc. We provide comprehensive solutions, from design and research to production and sales, catering to diverse applications in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Technological Innovation As a company committed to technological innovation, Sunrise Intelligent Manufacturing boasts a robust research and development team that consistently introduces cutting-edge energy technology products. We prioritize independent research and development and collaborate with domestic and international partners to deliver efficient and reliable solutions to our customers. Sustainable Development We proactively respond to the call for sustainable development, striving to reduce carbon emissions and enhance energy efficiency. By offering clean and green energy solutions, we contribute to environmental preservation and global efforts to combat climate change. Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Our dedicated team is committed to providing excellent pre-sales and after-sales service to ensure our customers have the best possible experience throughout our collaboration. Team Strength We take great pride in our dynamic and creative team. They bring a wealth of experience in the energy technology field and share a passion for realizing our mission. In conclusion, Qingdao Sunrise Intelligent Manufacturing Energy Technology Co., Ltd is dedicated to driving innovation and sustainable development in energy technology. We provide high-quality energy solutions to customers, fostering a cleaner and greener future. We appreciate your trust and look forward to jointly exploring the forefront of energy technology with you.